How to See When Properties Will Be Available in Auctions

When you’re doing your property research, it can be important to know when certain properties will become available so that you can factor that into your overall bidding and investment strategies. There are two ways you can see property availability on 

First, you can always find property availability via our Auction Calendar. 

  1. To view the calendar, click on the Register for Events button in the Auction Calendar section near the top of the homepage. 
  2. To view the properties listed in an auction event, just click on the link in the Event Name column. This will open up an event details page that lists all the properties that will be available in that event. You can see the timeframe of the event listed at the top of the page. 
  3. From the auction calendar page, you may also export the inventory for an auction event to an Excel file by clicking blobid0.png in the Export Inventory column next to the event you are interested in.  

 You can also find property availability in your search results.  

  1. On the search results page, the date for a property’s auction event is shown at the bottom of each property listing, along with a registration link for the auction event. 
  2. Properties in currently active auction events will show a date range as well as an auction countdown that shows you when the auction event ends.  
  3. Properties that are not currently scheduled but will be available in future auction events will be labeled as Auction Event: Coming Soon. 
Pro tip: You can easily find auctions that are active or coming soon by using the Auction Status filter at the top of the search results page.  


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