Selling With Xome: How Do I Upload a Property for Sale?

The first thing you need to do when listing a property is to upload the property details into the Seller Portal. You will need to have all the pertinent details that you would find on any home listing, plus the pricing information that you’ve decided on for list price, reserve price, and more.

To upload a property for sale with Xome, there are a few things you’ll need to do:

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Hover your mouse over your name in the top-right corner of the Xome screen. You will see a menu pop up. Click on Dashboard under Auction Properties.
  3. Your Auction Dashboard will load to the Overview screen. Click on the Seller Portal tab.
  4. If you have never uploaded a property for sale, you will see that there is no dashboard created yet. Click the Upload Properties button on the screen to begin uploading your first property.
  5. If you have already uploaded previous properties for sale, click the Property Upload section along the left-hand side of the portal to begin uploading new assets.
  6. Click Download Template to download an Excel document that you can use to input your property’s information. You can upload just one property, or you can use the template to batch upload multiple properties at once.
  7. Fill out the Property Upload Template with the information for each property you want to sell. You must fill in the mandatory fields for each property, but there are a number of additional fields that allow you to add extra details.
    Please note: the fields are color-coded on the template to make it easier for you to fill out. Mandatory fields have a green header on the document and optional fields have a yellow header.
  8. Save your changes to the Property Upload Template and return to the Seller Portal > Property Upload screen.
  9. Click the Upload Properties button. You can either drag and drop the saved template file onto the box on screen, or click the Choose File button to navigate to and select the template file.
  10. Confirm that you have selected the correct file, then click the Submit button. Do not refresh your browser while the file is submitted for upload.
  11. You will see a message that your file upload is in progress. Once the property upload is done, you will see the status change to Complete.
  12. On the Property Upload list, you will see a Success Count and a Failure Count for your uploaded file.
    The number under Success Count lists the number of properties from your file which were uploaded with no issues.
    Click the number under Failure Count to see any success or error messages about your property upload.
    Error messages could be caused by a number of things, including missing information in a mandatory field, data format issues, duplicate entries, or empty files. You can click the Download PDF button to download the list of error messages for your property upload.
    Please note: If you have any duplicate entries, you will be notified that they already exist in the database. You cannot modify an existing property in the database by reuploading new information — that will need to be done in the Seller Portal on the Pre Marketing tab.
  13. If any properties listed under Failure Count require missing or corrected information, you will need to correct the details on the Property Upload Template and resubmit the file.

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