Why Sell With Xome and How Does it Work?

Property auctions can be a great way for investors to add to their portfolios and for homeowners to purchase affordable homes at a discount.

But auctions can also be a great way for owners to sell properties, too. Now, Xome makes the process of selling properties through auction easier than ever.

Selling with Xome allows you to take advantage of our established marketplace and expertise to get visibility for your property and market to qualified, serious buyers across the United States.

Our clear, step-by-step process allows you to manage all your property listings, from upload all the way through closing. And there is complete transparency along the way — you’ll be able to view every bid and offer on your property in real time and easily navigate the contract and closing.

Here’s how selling with Xome works:

  1. Upload – Whether you have one property or 10, getting them ready to sell is easy with Xome. Our bulk upload template streamlines the property upload process and saves you time and effort.
  2. Market – Our system guides you through creating an optimized listing for your property, from nailing down all the details to providing property photography that will make your property shine.
  3. Auction – Monitor bidding on your property with real-time alerts and updates that let you see the latest activity. Or, take advantage of Pre-Auction and Own it Now offers to sell your property before an auction even begins.
  4. Close – When your property is ready to close, we make it easy with email alerts that keep you in the loop and online contracts through eSign.

To learn more about how to sell a property with Xome, click here to go to the Sell With Xome page.

To get started selling your properties at auction, click here to learn how to create a Xome seller account.

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