How to Create a New Account and Set Property Preferences on

Ready to get started searching, bidding, and buying auction properties? Your first step is signing up for an account on Xome. 

  1. Click on the Sign In/Sign Up button in the top right corner of any page. 
  2. Click on Sign Up. 
  3. Enter your personal information into the form (First Name, Last Name, email, password, and optional mobile number) 
  4. Click the Create Account button. 
  5. To get started with right away, click Skip for Now in the pop-up. 
  6. To help guide the system to match you with properties that meet your needs, click the Get Started button.  
  7. Enter the first location in which you would like to search for properties in the Enter Location field.  
  8. Select the correct location from the choice list. You can search for additional locations and add them as well.  
  9. Then, select the kinds of auctions you are interested in. You can choose multiple types of auctions. 
  10. Click the Next button.  
  11. Select the occupancy status or statuses you prefer. 
  12. Select the property types you are interested in. You can choose multiple property types. 
  13. Click the Next button. 
  14. If you have a range in mind, enter your preferred minimum and maximum prices in the Price Range fields. 
  15. If you are searching for properties with a particular number of bedrooms or bathrooms, please select the desired number under Beds and Baths. Otherwise, leave the selections as Any. 
  16. Click the Next button. 
  17. Confirm your preferences, and then click the Exit button. You can visit the Property Preferences page by going to the User Menu in the top right corner and selecting Property Preferences at any time to edit your selections. 

Congratulations! Now you’re ready to get started using to find auction properties. 


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