How to Verify Your Account on

There are two ways you need to verify your account on before bidding in an auction. Verification ensures that we will be able to contact you both during and after an auction.  

  1. Your verification requirements will be listed as actions required on your Auction Dashboard. Ensure you are logged in, then visit your Auction Dashboard by hovering over your name to activate the user menu in the top right corner of your screen and going to Auction Properties > Dashboard 
  1. Under Actions Required, click on Complete Account Verification (2). You can also navigate directly to your account verification tasks by clicking on the Notification icon in the Xome sidebar. Then expand the alert labeled Account Verification (2) and click on Start Account Verification. 

First, you need to verify your email address.  

In the Email Address field, confirm that you’re using the correct address. If you need to edit it, click the pencil icon. Once you’re ready, click the Send Email button.  

  1. Check your email for an account verification message. Click on the Verify Your Email button and you will be directed back to 
  2. Congratulations! Your email address has been verified. 

Then, you need to verify your mobile number. 

  1. Enter your mobile phone number in the Mobile Phone field and click the Send Text button.  
  2. Check your text messages for an automated account verification message and click on the link to verify. 
Please note that you will need to pay a $1,000 credit card hold (one per auction event) in order to bid in an auction event. If you would like to further verify your account so that you can eliminate that monetary hold, you can do so through our third-party vendor partner.


You’re all set! Now that your account has been fully verified, you are ready to start bidding on properties. 

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