How to Navigate the Xome Auction Dashboard

Important terms to know:

Auction Dashboard 

The auction dashboard is accessible once logged in on It includes all the information about your auction activity at a glance, like pre-auction offers, events you've registered for, and most recent bids

How to use the auction dashboard

To access your Xome auction dashboard, you’ll need an account. Don’t have one already? No problem! Create your free account by clicking on the Sign In/Sign Up button in the top right corner of and you’ll be guided through the step-by-step process 

Once you’ve created an account and you’re logged in, hover over your name in the top right corner of the home page and click on Dashboard under the Auction Properties section. You’ve arrived!  

You can now easily access your event registrations, see saved searches, and more!  

What’s in the auction dashboard? Here’s a quick overview: 

Actions Required

This section includes things you need to do, like completing your account verification, signing agreements, or submitting your proof of funds.  
The number in parentheses next to each item shows the number of actions required for that item. Use the arrow on the right to see details about each item listed in this section. To navigate to the action required, simply click on the action listed.  


Here you can see your active and historical bidding (i.e., your previous bid amounts and the dates they were placed). See how many bids you’ve won, where you’ve been outbid, and whether any of the properties you bid on have been put back into another auction.  
Note that the previous bid amounts shown are only those you have placed. Xome does not share other buyers’ previous bid amounts.  

Pre-Auction Offers

This section shows any offers you’ve submitted placed in advance of an auction, those that were rejected, and whether any of the properties you submitted a pre-auction offer on have been put back into another auction. 


This section includes all the documents and actions you need to take for any properties you’ve won at auction. Use the tracker to see where each property is in the process, from the checkout form, to contracts and closing, to being confirmed as sold.  

Registered Events

This shows you all the events you are registered for, as well as your fallout history. Fallout history is when you were the highest bidder on an auction property but did not move forward with the transaction, and your credit card has been charged for nonperformance. 

Purchase Profiles

This is a Xome-exclusive service that allows you to create different purchase profiles that include your name, the name of the buyer (if not your own), entity documents, and the buyer’s proof of funds.  

Pro tip: Proof of funds must be dated within the past 30 days and will need to be updated every 30 days.  

This information is saved in the Xome system for future use. Buyers often create multiple profiles if they are bidding on behalf of other parties as well as themselves.  



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